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Instinctual Intelligence, LLC is a consulting firm that provides education and training for enhanced nervous system performance. Our clients include individuals, groups and organizations.

Using state-of-the-art knowledge from neurophysiology, evolutionary biology, developmental neuropsychology, somatic psychology, and spiritual development, we provide provocative and insightful educational presentations tailored to the needs of a wide variety of individuals and organizations.

Clients engaged in our customized Training Programs gain a detailed understanding of how instinctual systems function in the human body, as well as in our emotions and thoughts. Our personal focus allows us to support each client to break through inhibitions and barriers at their own pace. As a result of our systematic training, our clients feel that their embodied energy flows more freely, they are more engaged with life, and able to thrive in most challenging of circumstances. We work with a wide variety of individuals, ranging from those just beginning their exploration of human nature to advanced spiritual practitioners seeking to fine-tune their yogic practices.

We engage clients guided by these four principles:

The Four Principles of Instinctual Intelligence:
1)  Instinctual Intelligence is the living expression of our intelligent universe. All beings arise from and have unlimited access to this source of protection, courage, and wisdom.

2)  In the human body, there are several distinct instinctual systems that are guided by specialized sets of neural networks. Each of these CORE SYSTEMS has evolved a sophisticated and unique form of adaptive intelligence.

3)  Many people living in the modern world have been taught to repress or ignore their primal impulses- thus stifling the inherent potential of living a mature, elegant, and powerfully satisfying life.

4)  With skillful guidance, it is possible to harness to the innate energy and adaptive capacities of our instinctual intelligence to evolve ourselves and the entire human matrix.